Cold Plasma Designed to Stimulate Collagen Production and Remodel the Cellular Structure

CoolJet™ treatments have powerful anti-ageing benefits. This treatment boosts the production of new collagen and triggers epidermal regeneration, resulting in the long term benefits and a more fresh and youthful appearance.

The CoolJet™ Plasma Pen uses a cooler atmospheric temperature so there is ZERO surface trauma. The treatment encourages regeneration & effectively treats inflammatory skin conditions, tightens & brightens the skin & more.

The CoolJet™ treatment is 100% painless, no numbing required, so that means zero downtime, that delivers amazing results every time!

CoolJet™ Facial $250

Frequently Asked Questions

How will CoolJet™ Treatments Benefit You?

Treatments Include:

How often should I receive this treatment?

For best results we recommend 6 or more treatments.

Sessions spaced 48 hours apart, 2-3 per week and then 1 x per week, or 2 weeks, 3 weeks when skin improves.

Are there needles involved?

No needles involved,  the flat surface of the tip operates about 1mm above the skin. The ozone on the Epidermis Hydrates the skin and kills all active bacteria.  Wonderful for treating Acne.

Will acne-prone skins benefit from CoolJet™ treatments?

CoolJet™ will break the bacterial molecules on the surface of the skin,  allowing the ozone to sterilise and purify the cell. CoolJet™ will kill the bacteria and as a result  the plasma ozone therapy will destroy the  Propionibacterium acnes (P.acnes) CoolJet™ creates an aerobic state (oxygenated) to combat anaerobic state where the skin is lacking oxygen, making it almost impossible for acne to thrive.  After CoolJet™ treatment the  skin will have a 25%  reduction in sebum/oil production.