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The Skin Games is an annual competition for Estheticians around the globe. The 2019 competition was recently held in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Circadia Estheticians wiped up the floor!

All of the awarded Aestheticians below use Circadia’s products in their clinics:

Esthetician Of The Year

Kamilla Koziara

Kamila Koziara
The Skin Games


1st Kamilla Koziara


1st Kamilla Koziara

2nd Jenna Kent

Jenna Kent Winner
The Skin Games 2019

3rd Sarah Damico

Sarah Damico Winner
The Skin Games 2019


1st Holly Tanella

Holly Tanella Winner
The Skin Games 2019

3rd Roxanne Drese

Roxanne Drese Winner
The Skin Games 2019


2nd Roxanne Drese


2nd Kris Astroff

The Skin Games 2019

3rd Kamila Koziara

Congratulations to all of the Estheticians that won this year! Circadia certainly dominated with these talented beauty professionals. We are proud to use such a fantastic brand and high-quality products at My Skin Boutique.

Who knows… we might even enter next year!

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