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Circadia Australia ran a two-day training course with My Skin Boutique’s Dermal Therapist, Rachael Starkie (national trainer). Jess from Lace Petals and Hearts did a wonderful job of catering for the event.

Rachael at Circadia Training Day

Day one featured a live webinar with International Educator George Abel, who is the client care specialist and a trainer at Circadia U.S.A. Participants were educated on the history of Circadia, with Dr. Pugliese who has remained an influential voice in the science of skin care. They were also guided through the retail range of products and discussed the science of circadian rhythms.

Circadia Products

Circadian rhythms are life’s 24-hour cycles caused by the earth’s rotation around the sun. Circadia products are formulated to work in harmony with the day and night cycles to provide optimum results for healthy skin.

Rachael then went through the application of the oxygen treatment.

Rachael Demonstrating the Oxygen Treatment

Day 2 was held with the head trainer Katelyn Macy which was focused on ageing and glycation. With discussions on the causes both extrinsic and intrinsic factors, DNA damage and telomere attrition.

Did you know that at night our DNA unravels slightly?

After this they went through products and treatments for these conditions.

Josh Griffiths from Circadia Australia then took them through business training with focus on how to build and develop a team, which concluded the training days.

Guests were given goodie bags to take home full of amazing Circadia product samples.

Circadia Goodie Backs

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